Large 144
fitness park

144m² · 14 equipment · 30 person


Can be ordered right now and will be installed in a short time.


May choose the most suitable park specific to their sport.


We design and manufacture tailor-made fitness parks.

The BeStrong Large 144 fitness park, similarly to the other members of the series, is perfectly suitable for sports clubs and for public places, thanks to the arrangement and range of its equipment. The equipment enables you to work 100% of your body.

The exercises can be diversified with the use of a variety of equipment, like TRX, kettlebells or medicine balls.

For increased safety, this BeStrong fitness park is installed with rubber brick flooring.

Capacity: up to 30 people can exercise simultaneously.

Footprint: 144m²

The tools

– Wall bars
– Push-up elements
– Back trainer on a pillar
– Straight pull-up bar
– Multifunctional pull-up tool
– Stair climber
– Double multifunctional trainer
– Parallel bars
– Horizontal ladder
– Dip bar
– Z-dip bar
– Rope holder
– Double ab-training bench

The Layout

Choose from our ready-made fitness parks!

Our pre-assembled parks provide an instant solution to any need.

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