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“I highly recommend the inclusion of BeStrong Workout Park into the national system, and its priority production, installation and promotion also in civil and leisure sport activities.”

The BeStrong Conditioning Park is a unique, highly variable, creatively usable fitness park designed to enhance your conditioning and coordination skills.

Available space and planned functions can be optimized and installed as required. In addition to the development of generic and specific capability development in a highly efficient way, with the widespread use of assistive tools, functional capability development and individualized training can be accomplished at a very high level.

Taking into account and respecting European security rules, the planned and recommended toolbox fulfills its mission in many other areas. It provides a community interface for the same sports activities of different age groups, and conditional development in the open air can take place in a natural environment.

In addition to the development, the planned equipment park can be used to measure fitness indicators, to determine national tax values, to organize group training (circuit training), to individual and group competitions after the standardized values are determined.

The improvement of the performance physiological indicators of age groups, the possibility of comparing them, the development of adequate conditioning and coordination skills, the development and construction of general and sport-specific systems can be carried out on the basis of professional qualification and professional goals as required.

I suggest that, in areas where conditional capability development and its capability are not solved, both in the school system and in community areas, especially in associations working in the field of youth, whether in the form of corporation tax or other support schemes, by integrating these into their development requirements in sports development programs system.

In terms of health preservation, lifestyle, improvement of quality of life, maintenance, enhancement and training of high-performance sports knowledge, I particularly support the production and distribution of BeStrong Kondipark in the national system and receiving priority support in civil and leisure sports.

Mocsai Lajos

University of Physical Education, Rector
Handball Master
Professional College of Physical Education and Sports Science,

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“It is very important for me to be always in good shape. Professional tools are essential for my physical form. Fitness workouts are much more varied on BeStrong's bodybuilders. Training is getting easier as we take the rhythm. It goes smoothly with a hundred pounds. Every adult and athlete athlete is worth training at the BeStrong Bike Park!"