About Us

Since its foundation in 2007, BeStrong is committed to bringing people closer to a healthy, athletic lifestyle. Therefore, our highly qualified engineers design the high-quality BeStrong fitness parks based on established standards and according to the observations and feedback of top athletes.

BeStrong has installed more than a thousand fitness parks in Hungary and in other countries so far. The initial successes came with high-quality fitness parks manufactured by subcontractors. International sales started in 2015, and from 2017 sales to Western European countries has also started, including Switzerland and Italy.

Many years of experience and a keen interest in BeStrong parks led our professionals to set up an own factory in 2016 in Hungary, where all processes from design to implementation are carried out by the professionals of BeStrong.

BeStrong has set itself the future goal of expanding into the international market in order to make the athletic lifestyle available for as many people as possible. As a result, in 2019 the BeStrong application was launched, which not only brings installed fitness parks closer to those who want to work out, but also teaches them how to perform the exercises correctly.

Choose from our ready-made fitness parks!

Our pre-assembled parks provide an instant solution to any need.

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